TWU Alumni Relations

The TWU Office of Alumni Relations, located in the historic Alumni House on the Denton campus, serves as the coordinating point for alumni activities for all campus locations of TWU.  It’s the place to update your contact information, learn a little about the history of TWU and find ways to get involved with TWU alumni and students.  Our  website has alot of helpful information, connections and stories. 


5 Responses to TWU Alumni Relations

  1. Judy Nicholas Etemadi says:

    I am so pleased to see the “woman” vs. “women’s” issued addressed here. I often “correct” people which is often followed by, “Is there really such a place?” I graduated in 1967 and really apprecate this response. (Then I am often asked, “Why would you go to a woman’s college?” It is amazing how much the general populace expects everyone to make the same limited choices.)

    Thank you,
    Judy Nicholas Etemadi, 1967
    MA, MS, Ed.S., Ph.D., Florida State University

  2. Diane Dillion says:

    The facebook page is better, looking forward to info about homecoming and events like “Going Red for Heart Health”. I could not post the TWU 1979 National Softball Championship video because it’s from an Omaha news station, not personal video as fb states in video requirements.
    Are there photos/video from Golden Girl interviews, homecoming events, 50th anniversary of TWU integration? I saw 1 photograph with an alum and Dr. Mona Hersh-Cochran in the photo section of our alumni facebook page. Looking forward to more enhancements, thanks for all your hard work and support.

  3. As a former student who attended TWU only as a graduate student, I always wonder with what year such students should associate with their attendance/”graduation” — the year the Master’s was earned, or the year the Doctorate was earned — or with any “year”?

    • 4twualumni says:

      Hi Betty –
      Thanks for your question — It is typical for us to refer to undergraduates as “Class of ’02” for example. When referring to alumni with advanced degrees we do use the year of graduation but not the “Class of” So it would be Betty J. Fox Ward, Ph.D. Special Education 1989. So it is more formal in approach. Hope this helps clarify? – Anne Scott, Alumni Director

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