About the blog:

This is a blog site dedicated to YOU – the alumni of Texas Woman’s University.

Being the Alumni Director at TWU is possibly the best job on campus!  Think about it… I get to meet the interesting and accomplished graduates of the university and hear their stories from across the years.  And, day to day, I am privileged to interact with the current students who are doing equally interesting and amazing things in their college careers.  In many respects the experiences are the same no matter the decade, no matter the campus.  It’s all about what makes TWU unique and special and I want to share it with you from my perspective.

I’ll be posting every couple of weeks and I hope you will comment and share your perspective and experiences!  Let me know if you would like to be a guest blogger, too.

Encourage your friends and classmates to join us on the journey! – Anne Scott

About the author:

My name is Anne Scott and I have been the director of Alumni Relations at TWU for nearly three years.  Prior to moving to Texas I spent 10 years with the Oklahoma State University Alumni Association where I directed the alumni programs in Homecoming and Reunions, Alumni and Student Awards, Student Programs and a unique intergenerational learning experience called Grandparent University.  Higher education is my passion and I enjoy working with alumni of all ages to make certain that fine institutions like Texas Woman’s University are here to serve the next generation of degree seekers. 

On a personal note I have degrees in history and fashion and so it won’t be surprising to learn that I enjoy museums and cultural events.  I enjoy everything about college life including collegiate athletics! 


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