Forever to Be True: Homecoming 2017

IMG_20170420_082137Laughter, hugs and strains of the school songs could be heard throughout the weekend, April 21 and 22, during the annual Homecoming and Reunion activities.

The ‘honor’ classes, those ending in 7 and 2, participated in class dinners as well as taking advantage of all of the exciting activities that were taking place.

From an update with Chancellor Feyten to tours showcasing the latest technology used in the classrooms, alumni were treated to an inside look at their alma mater.

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The Golden Girls Make a Grand Entrance

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Director of Alumni Relations, Texas Woman's University, Denton, Dallas and Houston Texas
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One Response to Forever to Be True: Homecoming 2017

  1. Joan eccles says:

    Thank you for getting the2017 reunion video where I could see it – really enjoyed reliving the reunion j

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