TWU Alumni Association – A Snapshot History


Old Main – First Campus Building

What is now Texas Woman’s University was founded in 1901.  In 1905 graduates of the first classes of the College of Industrial Arts gathered to create the Alumnae Association and collected the first few dollars for scholarships.  The organization has been in continuous existence since that time and has never wavered from its original mission of providing support to students of the institution.  The Association has, through many activities, supported strategic initiatives of the university including lobbying the legislature to save the school from merger to contributing money to capital projects of the school.

In the long history of the Association there have been several name changes and several different organizational structures.  Follow the historical highlights below to better understand the evolution of the Association and the current status.

1904 – First Graduate, Beulah Kinkaid

1905 – Beulah Kinkaid Fry and the 9 graduates of 1905 form the Alumnae Association

1907 – First Annual Banquet of the Alumnae Association; business, social and dance

1930s – Name changed to Ex-Students Association

1940’s – Association helps raise funds to build and furnish a new Student Union Building with their “Buy a Brick” campaign

1946 – The Ex-Students Association re-instated homecoming activities after a hiatus during the war.

1947 – Sufficient growth in the Association allowed the hiring of a full time executive secretary; association instituted a “class agent” plan

1948– Regents approve a campus building to house the offices of the Association

1950 -1953 – The Association supports President Guinn’s efforts to increase enrollment by encouraging all alumnae to “Talk TSCW” and rally to contact legislators to protest proposed cuts to the TSCW appropriation.  Alumnae also rallied against moves in the legislature to merge TSCW and North Texas State College; the Association financially supported the formation of the TWU Foundation.

1953 – Name is changed to National Alumnae Association; the goal of establishing 50 chapters was met; membership dues were eliminated in favor of donations to the TWU Foundation (the Association would get $1 of each donation for operations).

1978 – President Huey and the Association re-established Founders’ Day

1986 – Alumnae rally at the state capital with TWU faculty and staff to back President Chater as she opposes merger efforts and supports the university as an independent and autonomous entity.

2003 – The Association forms as a self-governing, all volunteer organization and changes its name to TWU Former Students Association; the Association rents the Alumni House from the university to house its headquarters

2007 – TWU Board of Regents appoints a task force to assess alumni affairs and make recommendations; the TWU Office of Alumni Relations is established and a Director is hired but not appointed Executive Director of the Association.

2012 – The Association opts to become a Chartered organization under the Office of Alumni Relations; also becomes a donation-based organization focused on raising funds for scholarships; remains at Alumni House with smaller rent; remains a volunteer organization with a part-time employee.

2013-14 – Association undertakes by-laws revision to create a smaller, more manageable governing structure

2016 – Association votes to change the organization name to TWU Alumni Association and eliminate dues; Association approves by-laws for new organizational structure; Association approves Memorandum of Understanding with the TWU Foundation; financial assets moved to the TWU Foundation; Association approves Memorandum of Understanding with the University; staff support for the Association is provided to the TWU Office of Alumni Relations.


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