Join the Core Assessment Academy!

Below is a message from Gray Scott, Ph.D., Assistant Professor and Assistant Director of Academic Assessment

stock-illustration-44930284-vector-document-check-icon    You can help us evaluate our students’ learning!

Remember all of those required non-major courses you had to take in college? Last year, we started a new approach for assessing how well students in those courses are meeting the state’s general-education learning objectives. Now, every term, we bring together a diverse group of stakeholders — staff, faculty, students, and alumni — to look closely at student work and to compare it to standards set by the Association of American Colleges & Universities.

If you’re interested in joining us for one of our rating sessions – and we’d love it if you did! – please contact the Assistant Director of Academic Assessment, Gray Scott, at (940-898-2327).

Alumni have valuable perspectives, knowing the university better than outsiders do, and knowing the non-academic workplace better than insiders do. By participating, you can help us evolve the quality of the education that we provide, not only strengthening the performance of current and future students, but also strengthening the TWU brand – your brand! – in the career marketplace.

Whatever your field is, we’d be happy to have you aboard. Our community of volunteers looks at work from a wide range of disciplines, including writing/communications; mathematics; life and physical sciences; creative arts; language, philosophy, and culture; and social and behavioral sciences.


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Director of Alumni Relations, Texas Woman's University, Denton, Dallas and Houston Texas
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