A Legacy of Leadership

Dr. Glenda Brock Simmons, Class of '61, and Neftali Gomez, leadership award recipient

Dr. Glenda Brock Simmons, Class of ’61, and Neftali Gomez, leadership award recipient

After a life-time career in higher education, Glenda Brock Simmons, Ph. D. Class of 1961, was inspired to establish funding to assist TWU students in building their leadership skills. As a faculty member and an administrator in several positions including the Vice President for Student Life, Glenda observed that students who were able to participate in valuable co-curricular experiences built their skill sets incrementally and were able to bring “something extra” to their work places once graduated.

The Glenda Brock Simmons Leadership Endowment provides monies so that students may maximize their leadership experiences through travel, university representation, and community service projects. Primary consideration is given to economically disadvantaged students to ensure that students with potential are not denied the opportunity to enhance their leadership skills because of a lack of financial resources. “The transformation of shy, introverted, non-participating students to graduates who have presence, self-confidence and great potential is the fulfillment of any educator’s dream for her students,” says Glenda. “Often there are no limitations to a person’s participation except financial resources.”

The recipient of the Glenda Brock Simmons Leadership Award for 2015-16 is Neftali Gomez, a junior student from Lake Dallas. Despite difficult family circumstances Neftali was an academically successful high school student with leadership potential. She came to TWU, embraced the opportunities to build her leadership skills and is now serving in the governor-appointed position as TWU Student Regent.

“Receiving this scholarship from Dr. Simmons encouraged me in my educational path because it shows me that there are other people who believe in me. It has motivated me to continue to strive for success,” said Neftali.   “Whenever I am having a difficult day or do poorly on an assignment, I will remind myself that Dr. Simmons’ scholarship cannot be taken for granted. Dr. Simmons has done everything she can to help me afford an education. Therefore, the only way I could ever thank her for her efforts is by, ultimately, receiving my degree.”

You can learn more about Neftali’s inspiring story and see her Student Regent speech to the newest students of TWU by clicking on this link for New Student Commencement. Neftali’s part of the video begins at the 36:48 time mark.

For information on how you might impact TWU and its students now or through your planned estate gift, contact Patrice Frisby at 940-898-3863 or at pfrisby@twu.edu


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