Remember and Honor Favorite Faculty – Dr. Mona Hersh-Cochran

IMG_0521   Honoring Dr. Mona Hersh-Cochran

Former students of Dr. Mona Hersh-Cochran, a TWU Cornaro Professor of Business and Economics, has established a scholarship endowment in the School of Management in her name. Dr. Hersh-Cochran was on campus recently to present a copy of her new book Economics: From the Dismal Science to the Moral Science — The Moral Economics of Kendall P. Cochran to the libraries.  Donors of $250 or more to this fund will receive a signed copy of her book. To make a gift or for more information on the endowment please call Robin Head at 940-898-3861 or email

Book Presentation

Book Presentation

Below is a copy of a letter from former students to encourage the funding of this endowment.

Dear Friend of Mona:

How do you honor that special someone who has made a significant impact in your life? Dr. Mona S. Hersh-Cochran has made a very significant impact in numerous students’ lives, including mine and all of us listed below. That started with her teaching us the relevance of economic theory, including problem solving skills that have helped us in many aspects of our lives. This interest guided us all toward completing our education with a major or minor in economics. Mona also helped us obtain various forms of financial assistance to complete our education, including some of us who worked as her student assistant. To this day, it was one of my toughest and most rewarding jobs. And, Mona even helped us land that all important first job after graduation to start our careers. That, as it happened in my case, turned into a rewarding 32-year career in the federal government from which I am now fortunately and happily enjoying retirement.   Many of Mona’s former students have shared similar types of experiences.

Mona taught numerous students from 1965 to her retirement in 2000. She has received numerous awards and tributes throughout her career, including the prestigious Cornaro Outstanding Professor Award at TWU. She was the first woman to receive a Ph.D. from Southern Methodist University and also the first woman Ph.D. to receive a Distinguished Alumni Award from SMU. She is listed in Who’s Who in America, Who’s Who in American Women and Who’s Who in the World. And she received the Maura Award for Women Helping Women from the Women’s Center in Dallas, just to name a few.   Her research and teaching in the very topical area of health economics have extended throughout her career. However, many have said that we, her former students, live on as a highlight of her professional legacy.

Join us in extending that legacy by donating to the Dr. Mona S. Hersh-Cochran Endowment Fund (“Fund”). An outstanding senior student with either a major or minor in economics will be selected by the TWU School of Management for an annual scholarship beginning in 2015. Mona continues to be a dear friend and mentor in our lives to this day. With your donation to this Fund, future students will receive an important mentoring hand in completing their education and being able to focus on starting their career. Remember what an impact Mona has made in your life or that of someone you know.  Mona turned 80 on December 3, 2014, so let’s honor her and give a future student the gift of a lifetime. Each of us listed below has already made a donation, but we need your help to fund the initial scholarship in 2015 and achieve an endowment level for the Fund to be able to provide future scholarships from its earnings distributions.

Thank you so very much from those of us listed below (and so many others) who have been fortunate to be “mentored by Mona”.

Patty A. Hejney, Class of ’76;

Deborah A. Brown, Class of ‘79;

Jane Koch Carothers, Class of ‘69;

Lesley M. Tyson, Class of ‘77




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