Vintage Lass-O


In the next few issues of the TWU Alumni Connection we will highlight an entry from a vintage Lass-O (now Lasso), the TWU student newspaper that will be celebrating 100 years in fall of 2014.

This 1934 poem, advice from a Big Sis to a Little Sis, cautioned against the habit of borrowing others’ clothing.  It made us smile and we hope you enjoy it, too.

Dear Little Sis:

All dwell alike in peace and light together,

Each wears the covering that “Nacher” gave it;

They never swap a single skin or feather.

So be it with you in your college days, dear,

Wear your own clothes — and let who will be clever —

Beware of starting things it’s hard to finish

and don’t begin a thing like that –not ever!

Another suit may look much better on you–

May be far more your type–much more your style,

It’s not the cost; as usual, it’s the upkeep;

And clothes wear out in such a little while.

So gird that ole will-power all about you,

Your beauty and possibilities fore-swearing;

You may be far more stunning than the owner-

She bought ’em, Gorgeous; let her do the wearing!

She may have stacks and gobs and scads and jillions-

That doesn’t change the situation – much,

The ‘something old, the new and blue’ we grant you,

Let’s leave the borrowed togs to brides and such.

You may not feel so strongly on the subject,

Denounce me, if you like – and burn this letter-

Go on and be the best-dressed on the campus,

But be it in YOUR OWN -you’ll like it better –

Sympathetically, YOUR BIG SIS


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