In the 60s

Fitted, sleeveless bodices and flared skirts in 1963

A little bit of shopping over the Memorial Day weekend left me with the eerie feeling that I had seen the “latest fashions”  before — the “new” Peter Pan collar on blouses, dresses with fitted bodices and flared skirts, cardigans, straight skirts and skinny legs on pants.  Surely enough, a review of the 1962 and 1963 Daedalian yearbooks showed me why these current fashions seemed so familiar!

However ………..I don’t think the bobby socks are coming back any time soon!  Let’s hope not!

Enjoy these other 1962-63 coed fashions!

And then the 2012 versions…..

Peter Pan collar and cardigan

Row of bobby sox

Skinny Leg Pants


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9 Responses to In the 60s

  1. winegarten says:

    Some of us *still* wear bobby socks!

    Debra Winegarten

  2. I am a ’63 graduate and hope to attend next year. Send me more details. Ernestine Tina Carrola

  3. Sharon Faye Wilbur says:

    I am also a ’63 graduate and plan on being at our 50th reunion. Knowing the dates as soon as possible will help in planning next year’s travel plans. Sharon Faye Wilbur

  4. Has anyone started a ’63 page so we can reconnect? Zona (Raymer) Crabtree, 1963

  5. I would to hear from Meade Ashby Doyle and Barbara Cameron who were good friends. I have lost contact with them.

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