Housing Crunch

Enrollment is up!  With “census” day passed (the twelfth day of classes is the official enrollment count), TWU is ahead of all projections. It’s a great thing to be in demand — but with success comes extra demands on campus services — especially housing.

It was anticipated that all of the residence halls and the suite style apartments owned by TWU would be full, with triples in most rooms.  So plans began last spring to move juniors and seniors who wanted TWU housing to several apartment properties adjacent to campusWhen this plan was announced to the students, many of whom thought they would return to their familiar surroundings, it was not well received!  The exact properties had not been revealed so maybe they thought it would cost more, or maybe students did not want to leave friends they had made, or maybe it was just the thought of moving to an unknown, but there were editorials in the Lasso and grumblings all across campus. It created more noise than I had heard about anything since coming to TWU.

These overflow apartments are called TWU Select Properties and there are three complexes.  Just before school began I took advantage of an offer from the TWU Housing Office, to tour the new properties.  I was favorably impressed!  The management of the properties, in order to get the TWU business, did a lot of “sprucing up,” both inside and out.  Students had choices to have a private apartment or to have a roommate(s)  The cost is a little more than TWU owned properties, but the same price as the regular rent would be for that apartment.  The apartments come with cable, internet, laundry facilities, parking and TWU security just as in the other housing options and that is no additional cost. The complexes, being a little further away from the main classroom buildings, do require a little better time planning to get to classes on time.  (That was always a problem for me when I was in college!)

I took some photos of two of the three complexes, Bent Tree and Lone Star which I am sharing with you in this entry.  One of our student employees actually lives in the other, Austin Place, and she was good enough to share a photo of her room, beautifully decorated!

Although Dallas and Houston no longer have housing for the Nursing programs there, I know that some great memories were once created there.  I hope you enjoy the photos and that you will feel free to share your memories of living in TWU housing on any of the campuses. 



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Director of Alumni Relations, Texas Woman's University, Denton, Dallas and Houston Texas
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3 Responses to Housing Crunch

  1. very interesting article thank you for providing this.

  2. The pictures you provide of some of the available apartments look quite nice especially the one that had been creatively decorated. Unfortunately, most of us resist change no matter how pretty the wrappings.

  3. Paul Weaver says:

    Unfortunate really that some of you are having to worry about housing at this time in your lives. School is si important to me that any hindrance from the learning environment is a negative. I hope the best for you girls and some guys : ). Great article Allmand Law

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