Everybody Knows Your Name?

It’s too hot in Texas to even breathe! 

To pass the time, I thought you might enjoy this bit of poetry by TWU alumna, Clarisse L. Dodge, 1991, B. S. Journalism.  Clarisse was listening to a podcast which happened to include some information from a TWU professor.  When the moderator mentioned the name as Texas “Women’s” University, Clarisse went into action and penned the following.  For many of us hearing that mispronunciation is like fingernails on a chalkboard.  (Me, for one.)  

Poem Dedicated to All “Texas Woman’s University” Students – Past, Present, and Yet to Come!       by Clarisse L. Dodge © 2011, York, Pennsylvania, USA

Though enjoying your Podcasts, quite a bit,
There’s something I must have you Quit,

My Alma Mater’s Name is, and forever will be
Something every Woman could Feel:

“Texas Woman’s University” is, you see,
a Place where the Individual Woman, whatever her age,

Will be Treated as a “Woman,” (the Singular Being she IS),
Not as “Women,” (the Multiple of Plurals, She’s NOT).

So please, in the Fairness to All of Us,
Each One a Singular, Beautiful Being,
Who happens to be of the Female Persuasion,
Finding at that most Wonderful of all Universities,
Her Inner Beauty, Her Inner Self,
Yeah! Ultimately, her Own, Personal Inner Strength,

To BE Whoever She was, from the very moment of
The Big Bang’s Huge Exclamation Point,
In to Present-Day Her-Story: “Woman,”…
51 Percent of the Human Race, I/She/We…AM!

Call us, by Our True Definition: “Woman,”
(and Not “Women!” 😉

We’re “The Pioneers – Texas Woman’s University!”
I would that every Girl born
Would be so Blessed!

Clarisse L. Dodge, BS. Journalism, Class ’91, Texas Woman’s University, Denton, Texas
Go Pioneers!

Clarisse L. Dodge


About 4twualumni

Director of Alumni Relations, Texas Woman's University, Denton, Dallas and Houston Texas
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5 Responses to Everybody Knows Your Name?

  1. Robin says:

    Thank you!! This is also big pet peeve of mine.

    We need more agressive public marketing of our ‘famous’ alumni like Millie Hughes Fulford and Caro Crawford Brown. Ensure writers/publishers pay attention to the correct name.

    If we don’t promote specifically why a degree from TWU is important, others certainly will not.

    • Clarisse L. Dodge says:

      You’re Welcome–though belatedly! I think the best “Advertising” for Texas Woman’s University really is what IT does (How IT Affects/Changes) Its Students’ Lives. I don’t really think we must be, or become famous, to make our Alma Mater gather its deserved attention.

      Myself, for example, am a Performer/Advocate–Not Famous, yet, Every single individual, Group, Organization, media Outlet with which I come in Contact, in my Nonprofit Advocacy Work, sooner or later, (usually sooner), hears the name: “Texas Woman’s University–Denton, Texas,” out of my mouth, associated with something I’m talking about. Unfortunately, here in Pennsylvania, I can neither utter our acronym “TWU,” nor place a “TWU” Sticker on my car, because it has a completely different meaning, around here: “Transportation Workers Union,” (i.e.: “TWU”), though I’m all for them, I’m also afraid for my car. Seriously! (I used to have a “Peace through Music” bumper sticker in my car, and its Windows got Vandalized 3 times, in as many years. So, around here I must always spell it out, which actually isn’t such a bad idea. For ex.: when i signed up with Liberty Mutual Insurance, through the “TWU” Alumnae Association, it took me nearly 4 yrs. to Convince them that I was NOT an Alumna of “Texas Wesleyan University,” (which apparently is also “TWU,” and LMI kept telling me not to worry about it. I DID!). Finally this past Spring, I insisted, and managed to get Liberty Mutual to Correct it. Now, i don’t cringe, with ea. Renewal.

      This in fact, could be a Word to the Wise, at Texas Woman’s University, that perhaps it may be time to drop the shortened Acronym, or come up with something else. True, I LOVE saying “TWU!” However, weighing all the pros and cons, has convinced to Drop it! Anyone else?

  2. Diane Lusk Class of 1975 says:

    Thank you! The saddest thing is that some of us say Women’s. Can’t stand that.

  3. June McMahon says:

    A matter of memory and perspective perhaps, rather than “mispronounciation”. For my grandfather, a member of the legislature which created the school, and my Mother and Aunt , ’29, it was CIA, College of Industrial Arts; For me (journalism ’54 ), it was Texas State College for Women. In any case..a college for ALL women

    • Clarisse L. Dodge says:

      Hi June, Point taken. Yet to me–who’d in ’89-to-90-something just emerged from a horrendously patriarchal cult and marriage–and who’d never before experienced the Power of Woman and Women working together, at our Daily Lasso, 1:30 am, 3 hrs. past our Deadline, for ex.: putting our last touches on the day’s Edition, then getting it out. Many a time, I’d pause, look around, and Marvel, feeling Oh, So…Potent, as any man, realizing we had a Publication put out completely by Women. I **Loved** those moments! They were the Best Memories I took with me, from TWU. Frankly, I WAS saddened to see TWU go Co-Ed, in 1992, I believe. I still remember the Candlelight Vigil we had, in front of Hubbard Hall, on the Importance for Women to have a place of Higher Learning whereby they could be Woman. (PS. Though I’ve advocated for TWU to remain an all-Woman’s University, (no undergraduate males), it does not mean I don’t like men. It simply means I needed those years off, away from them. Indeed, I re-married, at the Little Chapel in the Woods, in the mid-90s).

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