Commencement! SHOES


As seen at TWU Commencement

I always thought Commencement was about getting that diploma — Who knew?  It’s all about the shoes!

As alumni director I sit on the stage and give a little talk at each Commencement ceremony.  It’s a great vantage point because you can see the smiles and excitement on the face of the students as they come by to shake hands and get the diploma cover.  But it doesn’t take long to notice — the incredible display of shoes!


Gold TOMS are comfortable and make a statement

Maybe it’s because the caps and gowns are all uniform that grads feel the need to show their individuality or maybe it’s just a great treat to reward your accomplishment with a new pair of shoes.  Maybe it’s a little bit of a competition.  Who knows?  But it is fun to watch.

Some ladies go for pure comfort, primarily flip flops.  One group of graduates, the 8 or so graduates of the Doctorate of Nursing Practice candidates, all wore the same glamorous style of gem encrusted flip flops – stylish, practical and fun!

Gold was popular.  And dark red or maroon.And the heel heights were dizzying!  Many 4 and 5 inch stilettos, lots with platforms.  Ouch!   high heelplatform

Hope you enjoy these other fashion statement shoes as seen at TWU Commencement!

My personal favorite

No --maybe this one


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One Response to Commencement! SHOES

  1. Norma says:

    That is so true! Nobody gets to see anything except the shoes, so why not be creative or go all out? Great insight, thanks for the post!

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