A Reunion with Friends~

What is it about those college friendships that are so special?  Most people I know made some of their closest friends while attending college, either undergrad or graduate school.  Is it the age that you are when you typically attend college?  Is it the shared activities or the fact that you survived the exams together?  Is it the celebrations of upcoming weddings, of Commencement, and all the things to come?

This past weekend was the Homecoming Reunion Weekend presented by the TWU Former Students Association.  There were lots of hugs and shared memories of the time at TSCW, particularly among the “Golden Girls,” celebrating their 50 year reunion. 

 At the farewell breakfast I sat across from one Class of ’61 member who had not seen any of her classmates since graduating 50 years ago.  Wow!  But she said the reunion had been wonderful and that she had no trouble recognizing people or picking up right where they left off. 

All of this “reunion-ing” made me wonder how others might feel about coming back to campus.  Please feel free to leave a comment and share your opinion about what might bring you back to your respective campus.

Now give your best TWU college friend a call or a text!


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2 Responses to A Reunion with Friends~

  1. Barbara Rouse Cogburn says:

    I loved the reunion part of the two Homecomings I attended in 1982 and again in 2002; I graduated in 1952. It was wonderful to see old friends and fellow classmates. But I must confess that I did not enjoy seeing the many changes on the campus. The high rise dorms stood out like sore thumbs and the lovely old dorm row buildings were abandoned and awaiting demolishing. The experience of a Women only environment was no longer available though there weren’t all that many men yet enrolled in 1982. The essence of the small close knit college (not University) that I had the good fortune to attend was completely gone. I know that progress is inevitable, but I feel very sad at what was lost with the continuing growth that TWU is so proud of. Then I remind myself that today’s students have no way of knowing what they have missed and possibly wouldn’t appreciate it even if they could imagine what it was like “in the olden days”. I doubt I will go to the 2012 Reunion. The campus is probably even more impersonal now.


    I attended my 60th graducation class reunion this year and it was in many ways the best of all. The small group of us that were able and desirious of attending had a great time together and I got a special library tour to see the quilt my fellow class mate, Billie Shewell Hubbard made and donated to the library as a wall hanging. If you have not seen it do so. Just the fact that some of us were there again in Denton 60 years after graduating was a thrill in itself not to mention the talking about our lives since that time.

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