~Thanks Alumni Volunteers!~


Snowed In!-photo by Sharel Gaskey


Hello All! 

I must apologize for not adding a new post to the blog recently.  Much of North Texas experienced the chilling blast of winter this past week and TWU was snowed in!  All activities grinded to a halt!  Hopefully, it will be business as usual, even as we prepare to endure another coating of snow from the Arctic. To start things off, I would like to share with you a brief example of TWU alumni graciously volunteering their time at a special TWU event.  Enjoy! 



I’ve heard our alumnae say that when TWU was TSCW, learning how to conduct oneself in a professional manner was an important aspect of the education here.  The good news is that those opportunities are still provided!  While this training is not a part of everyday activities as it was when TWU was primarily a residential campus, the opportunities are provided and encouraged.  More responsibility rests with the students these days to take advantage.   

  How do alumni play an important part in this extracurricular education?  Here’s a recent example — 


Alumni and students at the Bon Appetit! Dining Do's and Don'ts event.

 Thanks to TWU Career Services www.twu.edu/cs   our students can attend workshops each semester designed to help them operate professionally in the social and professional world. On November 8 a workshop called the “Bon Appétit! Dos and Don’ts of Business Dining Etiquette” event was offered.   

   TWU alumnae volunteered to attend the dinner and serve as table hosts. This was the first time for alumni involvement in this event in recent history and it was much appreciated by the students.  Not only did students and alumni share the educational etiquette experience, they shared life experiences.  Alumnae, who did not previously know each other, met and found common interests.  


Presenter Cynthia Lee shows alumni Wandaliz Elder some dining tips~


This event was also the first effort for the new STARS Student Alumni Relations Council.  It’s the mission of this organization to provide opportunities for student and alumni interaction.  This was the first illustration for them of how important alumni support is — the university experience is stronger because of it! 

Alumni volunteers pose with STARS officers at the end of a successful event!

Many thanks to TWU etiquette alumnae diners Brittany Martin (2010, Health Studies), Wandaliz Elder (2010, Government), Emily Mae Stafford (1956, Journalism) and Sherri Williams (1997, Counseling and Development) for sharing their afternoon with TWU students! 

 If you would like to volunteer for TWU just go to the alumni website www.twu.edu/alumni to check out the opportunities and then e-mail us at alumnirelations@twu.edu.  


   Mark Your Calendars!

TWU’s Career Services will be offering another chance to hone your dining etiquette skills for any situation on March 1st! Volunteers are needed to host tables at the event and your assistance would be greatly appreciated! 

If you wish to participate, please e-mail alumnirelations@twu.edu by February 22nd. All volunteers are considered guests of the Office of Alumni Relations and their entrance fees will be waived.  

To learn more, visit the link below: 



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2 Responses to ~Thanks Alumni Volunteers!~

  1. Victoria says:

    Such a wonderful experience! I enjoyed meeting the alumni and learning where their professional studies have taken them. The presentation and food were fantastic!

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