Happy New Year from TWU!

Happy New Year everyone!  I wish you the very best 2011 —

The beginning of January on a college campus is rather a strange time.  The students are not back yet and the faculty are slowly checking in. so the parking lots are deserted and the classrooms are vacant.  

TWU Denton - empty parking lots!

But, for the most part, the staff is back and the offices that support the university are open and suprisingly busy!  There are lots and lots of staff planning meetings, meetings laying out strategies for the spring semester, strategies for how to do things better – – how to make the enrollment process easier and the cost of attending more affordable, how to serve our currently enrolled students more effectively and how to keep our graduates connected better once they graduate.  

The other activity on the Denton campus during this particular semester break time is the sight and sound of construction. 

Fitness Center – Under Construction

The new fitness center is getting it’s brick exterior and big trucks shuttle unknown materials to and fro from the site. 

New Roof for Little Chapel!

The Little Chapel in the Woods is getting a much needed new roof!  There’s a big ditch around much of the library as a remedy is sought for the flooding that has plagued the basement for years.

In Dallas, a really big move is underway!  The new, sparking white building is complete and awating residents.  Prior to leaving for the holiday break, faculty and staff packed up their offices in the old building, labelled the boxes and crossed their fingers that everything would make it to their new spaces in the new facility!  That magic took place over the break.  Now comes the unpacking and preparation for the arrival of the students, both new and returning.  If you travel I-35 and pass the Inwood exit, you can’t miss the striking new facility just to the east.  These students are going to be spoiled with all of the amenities they will have!

Dallas - opening in January

So, right now those of us who work on the TWU campuses will take advantage of the quiet to make preparations for the students’ arrival, take a collective deep breath and look forward to the energy and excitement that they will bring.  But I do wonder if they have any idea how much preparation goes on and how happy we are to welcome them back …..


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Director of Alumni Relations, Texas Woman's University, Denton, Dallas and Houston Texas
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One Response to Happy New Year from TWU!

  1. I will be enjoying the quiet and deserted campus this afternoon with my two children as we run through the leaves and take pictures by the fountain. Such a beautiful campus, must take advantage of this great weather today.

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