In Houston

Three to four times during the academic year, I travel from Denton to Houston to visit the TWU Center there.  It has an auspicious full name-The Texas Woman’s University Institute for Health Sciences Center-Houston. Many other things about it are impressive too, and I’ll get to those in a minute. I’ve just returned from one of those two-day trips to Houston.

Back in 1958 TSCW, in partnership with the Good Samaritan Club of Houston, built a center at the Texas Medical Center to house and train nurses. Dr. Guinn was President as the time and he saw an opportunity to expand the mission of TSCW to the huge city down south. The new building opened in 1960. By 1967, there were also programs in Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy in Houston and the building was expanded by adding several stories above the current facilities.

About five years ago, when it became clear that the facility was sadly outdated and no longer adequate for a growing student population, a campaign was started to build a new “Center” for the health sciences at a prime location just on the edge of the Texas Medical Center. In August of 2006, the new building was complete. Programs in Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Nutrition and Food Sciences, Health Care Administration and the MBA are offered now. More than 1,300 students study at the Houston Center. All programs are Graduate programs, except Nursing which also has undergrads, some who start in Denton and then finish the last two years of their BSN in Houston. Unlike the old building, there are no dormitory facilities-everyone “commutes”.

The building itself has won several awards for its architecture and functionality. It is truly amazing inside, with soaring windows and light filled spaces. Students fill the lounges, dressed in their scrubs, to snack or study for the next big exam. The classrooms and laboratories have the latest technologies. Colorful, contemporary, art by TWU students and faculty accent the walls. Graduate students and faculty are conducting ground breaking research at the Center. The place has a certain energy, and I always come back excited and energized myself.

Whether you graduated from Denton, Dallas, or Houston, if you are in Houston and have not seen the Center, you should visit and take a tour. Someone from the Campus Manager’s office would be happy to show you around. You can visit the website at

Every time I arrive at the location in Houston and see the name Texas Woman’s University and the Seal of the University on top of the building, it brings me great pride to represent the graduates of TWU and know that our university is making an impact all across the state of Texas and beyond. More about the Houston center, in a later post…

Have you been there? Did you get your degree in Houston? If so, let us hear from you!


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3 Responses to In Houston

  1. I “stumbled” across this building quite by accident, as I was staying across the street in the Best Western while in town doing research at Rice University on Oveta Culp Hobby. I loved sitting in the lobby of the hotel, looking across the street and seeing the name of my alma mater on the side of the building!

  2. Erin Lansmon-Winter says:

    The fresh, bright feel of the campus is very fitting for the health science reputation it has. My favorite part is the office space they have for student organizations. As a current employee, I sometimes wish we had such a building and space here on the Denton campus, however I also appreciate the richness and history that our older buildings exude.

  3. Marylyn Kajs-Wyllie says:

    I attended the last two years of my BSN (nursing degree) at the Houston Campus on theTexas Medical Center from 1976-78. I had the opportunity to stay in a dorm right across from Jesse Jones Library. I remember that first summer when we started our first clinical experience in the summer, there was the great flood of 1976 when we had to endure the stress of not only beginning our nursing studies but also relocate to the Rice University Dormitory. When i visit family in Houston, i make the point to drive by the new Health Science Building and smile with pride.
    Even though the location for my clinical experiences back in 1976 was great, and the interaction with the medical students and dental students enjoyable, I would of loved to of been a participant of the new state of the art healthscience center. I wish all involved the best learning experiences. In my many travels I have noted that TWU is well known nationally for their nursing program.
    I have utilized the degree I received at TWU for 32 years, first as a critical care nurse, then 26 years as an advanced practice nurse in neurosciences. I now am making the change to academia as an associate professor at Texas State University in the Fall. I will utilize all the great beginning experiences of my days as a student nurse in the Houston Campus at TWU to help coach students in nursing to be the best they can be just as I had the priviledge of being coached.

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